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Adopt a Cat - Chiki from Phoenix Arizona

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Cat 0000006531

Medium Haired Black And Silky.
9 Months
Has Claws


Phoenix Arizona

Adoption Fee: $25

Foster Care


Good w/ Cats
Unknown w/ Dogs
Unknown w/ Kids

Medical Status

Needs Spay/Neuter
Due for Vaccinations
Tested FIV-
Tested FeLV+


Chiki is very friendly, loving, loves to be handled and purrs to show it but is feline lukemia positive, meaning he would have to be an only cat or be with other cats who are also FeLV +. We are in a predicament in which we have find him a new home ASAP!! as we are unable to keep him because we have other cats PLUS our landlord will have repairs done to our home and will have to stay elsewhere for a week. Carrying around our other 2 cats plus Chiki and his mother (who is also FeLV+) will be stressful and we won't have room to accommodate 4 cats while trying to find 2 of them a new home. I really don't want to take him to a shelter knowing he will be put down due to his condition. He makes a great companion. I wish I could keep him but can't. Are you able to give him a good and love home?

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