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Adopt a Cat - Hairy Potter from Maricopa Arizona

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Cat 0000006994

Medium Haired Gray And White
1.5 Years
Has Claws


Maricopa Arizona

Adoption Fee: $40

Foster Care


No Cats
No Dogs
No Kids

Medical Status

Spay/Neuter Done
Vaccinations Up to Date
FIV Status Unknown
FeLV Status Unknown


Hairy is almost 2 years old. We got her with 2 other rescued kittens. The two other kittens paired very well and seem to team up on Hairy. I give her more attention than the other cats so she can feel paired with me. When she was around 8 months old (when our oldest cat passed away) we started to find pee spots on pillows and blankets specifically our children's beds. Through a process of elimination, we found out it was Hairy. To stop the bed accidents we looked over multiple sites like the humane society and found tips on how to help your cats stop peeing outside the litter box. We started putting the shirts that I had worn as "pillowcases" on our children's bed and this fixed the bed peeing problem. Currently, she pees when we have guests stay over. Text for more info.

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