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Adopt a Cat - Gracie And Christian from Scottsdale Arizona

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Cat 0000007194

Medium Haired Black Female Grey Male
Gender Unknown
10 Months
Has Claws


Scottsdale Arizona

Adoption Fee: $120

Foster Care


Good w/ Cats
Good w/ Dogs
Good w/ All Kids

Medical Status

Spay/Neuter Status Unknown
Vaccination Status Unknown
FIV Status Unknown
FeLV Status Unknown


Hi everyone! Looking for a new home for 2 bonded older kittens. Gracie and Christian need a new home. Hello everyone! Gracie the daredevil kitty and her little "brother" need a new home.. back story, we found little Gracie as a 4 week 12 oz baby on McDowell rd last summer. After the poor thing took a harrowing leap from the overpass to the park below, jumped in the wash (she was so scared), we brought her home, raised her and found her a (not) fur-ever home. She is now 9 months old, and has been living with a small family in Mesa. Unfortunately they cannot keep her, or the other male kitten they adopted. They really want to stay together and safe. Gracie is a very special kitty. I'm sure Christian is too, I just don't know him. he is about 5 months old and grey, Gracie is solid black

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