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Adopt a Cat - (given Name) Sir Ballsovitch from Peoria Arizona

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Cat 0000007253

Medium Haired Gray With Lots Of Black Stripes Green Eyes
4 Years
Has Claws


Peoria Arizona

Adoption Fee: $20

Foster Care


Unknown w/ Cats
Unknown w/ Dogs
Unknown w/ Kids

Medical Status

Needs Spay/Neuter
Vaccination Status Unknown
FIV Status Unknown
FeLV Status Unknown


Sir Ballsovitch, as my son nicknamed him, has been on our street for about 2 years. about 3 weeks ago he started hanging out on our porch just meowing and meowing. I noticed he was near starving so I've been feeding him once a day for 3 weeks now. I've had severe allergies since a teen so keeping him is not an option but since he finds food, he basically sits in front of our front door all day and sleeps till we come outside. He is unique in that he has a very strong need to be pet and loved. He is constantly wanting affection. He is somewhat skiddish and any sudden moves might prove to be fatal lol as he will scratch. I think time will allow him to let that go, but I have to limit my contact with him due to allergies. in 2 years he has never worn a collar.

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