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We do not have a shelter and therefore are not able to take your pets. However, you can list a pet for adoption on this website - it's FREE.  To get started, Register For An Account

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The pets listed on this site are being placed by private individuals and families. You can contact the people who have the pets by using the contact links on the pet biographies.

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We like hearing from you!

Here are just a few of the thank you notes that we've received:

Thank you so very much for your site.  I posted my kitty on there a few months ago, and have found him the PERFECT home.  He is loved so much, by a man who's home all day.  I can't thank you enough. 

- KG

We took in a pregnant cat that some people left behind when they moved. She had her kittens, and we needed to find homes for all of them (mom included). Many rescues won't let you post pictures on their website and we weren't about to take them to the shelter (that's why we took the mother cat in to begin with). I found your site, posted pictures, and within days found a family that took both of the kittens so they wouldn't have to be separated. Thank you so much for your service -- I don't know if I would have found such a great home for those kittens otherwise.

- K

Thank you for this wonderful website. Both my kitties were adopted together. I am very grateful I did not have to resort to taking them to a shelter. Thank you again.

- T

Thank you for providing such a wonderful service to all of us pet lovers.

- A

[Our dog] found a happy home thanks to Cow Cats and Dog Logs. Thanks for the great service you provide!

- K

I just wanted to say that I think your website is absolutely wonderful. I found the sweetest cat and was unable to find its owner and was unable keep him. I posted an ad on your website and got the perfect application the next day. Thank you so much for this wonderful website - it is really a life saver!!!!!!

- K

Cow Cats is a great website. We found a happy and loving home for our cat.

- G

Thank you so much for providing this service. I found two great homes for both my cats and couln't have done it without you. You really do a tremendous service for animals in need of good homes. As much as I will miss my cats, I know they are in a safe place! Thank you again!

- L

Thank you cowcats for this wonderful page, to help people place their animals into good homes. Happy Holidays Everyone

- D

I found your site last year and we adopted a wonderful cat. What a great service you have here. I have recommed your site to several people either looking for new "kids" or to find new families for theirs. Keep up the great work.

- K

I had two cats I needed to find homes for because I was moving out of the country. I found wonderful homes for both of my girls. Both families that adopted are top notch. I have no doubts that my cats will both have wonderful lives.

- M

Thank you for your great website. Sincerely,

- L

We found a home for our cat! Thank you - you have a great service.

- C

Absolutely love the new website. I do rescue work on my own (partnering other groups and animal control) and we have had lots of inquiries from your site. Thanks for all your hardwork and effort to setup and maintain your site!

- J

Thank you for a great website. Although the kitty was adopted by a co-worker, your service is valuable to those of us that love and care for cats. Thank you for doing it.

- R

Thank you so much for your wonderful site! It's a relief to those of us who love Angel to have found a loving family instead of having to put her in a shelter.

- K

I'd like to cancel our ad about our male Bengal. I've read and applied the information that you sent us in the link about urination outside the litterbox and it was great. We found that he really wants to go on paper and giving him that option has totally handled the problem. Thank you for giving us our cat back. :)

- R

Thank you for your wonderful site. I just love it. It is a great resource. I tell everyone that I know that is looking a for a cat about it. I am sure it will save alot of cats from being euthanized this year, and they need all the help that they can get. Thanks again,

- L

Just want to say thank you for the free service of Classified Cats. I've been trying to find a good home for a cat I rescued four years ago, and didn't find anyone I felt comfortable with all this time -- until I used your service. Based on the ad, I had two different people look at my cat. Although the first person did not adopt Baby, the person was clearly a caring pet owner. The second person who met Baby adopted her this past Monday, June 17. The status report is that Baby is adjusting nicely, and loves all the attention she's getting, since her new mom stays at home. Thank you so very much!

- L

Thanks for the website! I had 3 cats adopted in the last month because of your site!

- J

Thank you so much! We recently lost our dear cat and I have been heartsick ever since. [...] I appreciate you having this web site available. Thanks again!

- E

This is wonderful. I just added my cat to the database in search of a perfect new home for her. I will not part with her unless it IS perfect. This is a much needed and noble cause. Thank you.

- H

I just wanted to say that your website is wonderful. I was very concerned about finding a wonderful home for my little girl and your website produced not one, but 4 possibilities for her and she has been successfully adopted. Thank you so much for providing this service. Merry Christmas,

- L

I would like to remove Silky from your website. She has gone to a good home of two single ladies who needed just the type of company that Silky will provide. I will pass this website on to other cat lovers. Thank you,

- J

And finally, some folks DO know about cow cats!

I love your website. I have a black and white kitty named "Mooey". Yes, I love black and white cows. We got him at the Humane Society. Just wanted to drop you a line.

- P


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