Cow Cat Kittens

In Service Since October 2001!

What do you do?

We provide free rescue and adoption listings to the public to help people find homes for cats, dogs, and other pets without using up valuable shelter resources.

This saves lives by reducing the demands on no-kill shelters, allowing them to focus even more of their energy on helping the animals that truly have no other option.

What is a cow cat?

The name of this service, Cow Cats, is in honor of our beloved cow patterned cats.  You know the ones - they have big patches of solid color over white.  Our first cat was a gray and white cow cat and they will always be special to us.

Why build this service?

While volunteering full-time with a local no-kill rescue group, we learned first-hand what was missing from the system.   Nearly every day we had to turn away people looking for a place to take their cat or dog.  Since no-kill shelters are always full, these people were left with two options - go to a shelter that kills surplus animals, or try to place the pet in a new home entirely on their own.  We want to help people find good new homes for their pets, so that they don't have to go it alone.

Who should use this service?

Our listings are open to anyone who is trying to place a pet in a new home - either their own pets, or pets that they have rescued.  There are many people working at a grassroots level, rescuing animals all on their own and then finding new homes for these lucky cats and dogs.  We applaud their efforts and are happy to help them succeed.  We do not accept breeder listings.

How does this service solve the overpopulation problem?

It doesn't. Spay/neuter is the only long-term answer to overpopulation. However, that doesn't mean that we should just give up on the individual lives at stake.  Helping them in whatever way we can is the right thing to do.

How is this service different?

Many adoption ad services allow only verified shelters and rescue organizations to post listings.  This service is different because we work at a grass-roots level, getting individual people involved in saving lives rather than depending on shelters to do all the work.  We also provide a high quality service by reviewing all of our listings.

Is this service anti-shelter?

Absolutely not.  This service works with shelters to find homes for pets in need.  For every pet that we can keep out of the shelter system, they can rescue an animal that would otherwise be killed due to over population.


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