After more than 20 years, the adoption services on this website will be shutting down due to more modern options now being available.  Thank you to everyone who has been here to help the animals.  We love you all.  

Cow Cats Pet Adoption Center

A Grassroots Movement to Help Homeless Pets

According to the ASPCA, shelters kill an estimated 70% of cats and 60% of dogs that enter the shelter system.

Those are some pretty horrific and truly unacceptable numbers. The vast majority of these deaths are not actually euthanasia (to end immediate suffering). The reality is that here is no humane way to house millions of homeless animals.

To take the strain off of shelters, our online adoption center is open to the public, to help individual people like you rescue and adopt out cats, dogs, and other pets without having to rely on shelter resources.

Red Alert! 

Arizona Humane Society has new resources available to help with the pet housing crisis.  If you are in need of help with your pet, see what they have to offer: 

Pet Housing Help AZ

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